This website was created posthumously to celebrate the life of my step-father, Gordon Walley and my mother, Madeline Margaret Walley, both of whom lived rich, full lives, traveled, lived abroad and left a legacy of moral and ethical values which I treasure to this day. They are missed!

Gordon Walley used the name Gordon Graham Walley when publishing his music and books. He wrote over twenty-five novels and composed over three-hundred songs. A small selection of his books is shown on the home page and the ‘books‘ section of this website; and a sampling of his songs is found in the ‘music‘ section. In both cases, his books and his music, the examples found in this website represent only an incomplete account of his much larger production over the course of his life. He loved to write and compose. And he did both with exceptional skill. For those who might wonder about availability of his books and music, some vendors have placed his books on Amazon. One has placed a CD on Amazon as well. In all cases, the vendors are unknown to me, his son. Unfortunately, copies of his works are not available through this website.

My mother was born Madeline Margaret Graham, her last name changed to Hall when her mother remarried, then changed to French when my mother married my biological father, Vernon Carlysle French and finally changed to Walley when she married Gordon Walley in the late 1940’s. She was a homemaker. And what a job she did. It was nothing short of outstanding

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